"When I met Mr. Reres, I had another lawyer on my case. My old lawyer was on my case for a whole year and he didn't do anything! I paid him $2,500 already, but he would not help me anymore until I paid him another $2,500. I am a single mom and I have four kids and I had no idea what to do. My old attorney wouldn’t even let me see the evidence until I paid him more money! I heard about Mr. Reres from a friend of mine and from the moment we met, he was a godsend. I was so angry with my old lawyer, I didn’t trust any lawyers. George told me he wanted to earn my trust and started working on my case before I even paid him. I hired him and he took my case for a lot less money and let me make payments. George answered all my questions even when I asked the same thing over and over…LOL. I finally finished my case this week and am so happy it’s finally over. The judge said I could have gotten Life in Prison plus fifteen years and she didn’t want to give me the deal. She kept shaking her head at us. I saw other lawyers who just stood there and let the judge talk. George wasn't having it. He kept arguing back and forth with the judge until he convinced her. I got a withhold adjudication, so I am not a convicted felon, and some probation. I will recommend Mr. Reres to everyone I know. He is a great lawyer and a very, very good person."