"George was recommended to me by another attorney last minute, he had little to no time to review the case details and the type of case was not his primary field of practice. But he heard I was in a jam and stepped up to the plate for me. The initial proceeding did not go well, but George re-filed a motion for me, got a new hearing, and I was granted my motion. He could have given up, but he didn't. The motion was critical to my pending countersuit against the parties who falsely filed allegations against me. ​I want to point out what seems very important, in that the Judge held Mr. Reres in high regard and mentioned so on the record.​ If you're a client, you want that kind of attorney in your corner. Based on my personal case, if he did this well outside of his wheelhouse, I'd bet he would do quite well in his primary focus of practice. He is not a hand holder, he speaks clearly and concisely, and makes sure you understand each phase of the case."